Friday, May 20, 2011

The Dress-up Armoire Curtain How To

Today I will show you how I made this easy peasy curtain on my dress-up armoire from yesterday's post. 

Even if you have never sewn before, YOU can do this!  All you need to do is sew a straight line. 

First, I found this lovely pattern at Walmart of all places!  Only $4.99 a yard.  The colors in it are so cheerful and feminine.

The opening on my door is 16" x 36". I purchased 1 1/2 yards (54" wide) and cut it down to 41" x 44".  I knew that I would be making 1 " seams that I rolled twice so I would have a clean edge, making my completed curtain 36" x 40".  I wanted quite a bit of gathering once hung on the rod which was my reason for making it so wide. 

Once cut to 41" x 44", I hemmed the sides first with my 1" seam. 

I prefer the larger seam for something like this so that I can have it lay more flat once pressed.

Once I sewed the sides, I then did the same to the top and bottom creating pockets for my rod to slip into. 

The rods I used were sash rods from Walmart.  They were under $3 for two.

It comes with the brackets to install directly onto the surface.  The rod then just slides onto the bracket. 

I found it helpful to install the top rod first and test out how tight I needed to make the curtain before marking where the bottom rod needed to placed. 

And there you have it!

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