Sunday, September 10, 2017

Updated Office

Over the years I have always liked color and used it a lot with decorating. Now, I keep changing everything to white because it makes it feel so fresh, clean, and bright.  Here's the latest changes I just made to my home office.  Everyone in my family hates the new desk chair, but I LOVE it so it's staying. ;)

Friday, February 17, 2017

Girl's Room Gallery Wall - Mixing Elements

A few months ago we had the privilege to hear from a leader of our church, Elder Russell M. Nelson, who is an Apostle for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.  During his talk he emphasized how children should each have a picture of the Temple in their bedrooms to see daily.  We took his advice to heart and my husband had each child pick out a picture of an LDS Temple of their choice.  Our youngest two girls share a room which you may have seen in an earlier post, so I had to incorporate both pictures in their shared space.  There really was only one wall that would make sense to hang something on; however, it was so huge that two small photos together would be drowned by lots of white wall space.  The only option was to put a gallery together to fill this large area. Their room has a lot of wood and natural elements to it, with a farm country feel based on their love of horses. I wanted to incorporate that with these beautiful temple photos, which I found slightly challenging at first trying to tie together.  In the end I came up with something that both the girls and I liked and kept their personal touches to the space. 

I hope these photos they see daily will have special meaning to them, and something they will treasure for years to come. 

Another fun element we added to their room was a souvenir from a trip we took in December to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.  A vendor was selling these awesome hammock chairs on the streets and I thought it would be so fun for them to have it hanging in their room while they visited and hung out with their friends. 

It's already been a hit and a fun addition to their room.