Friday, November 20, 2009

Girls Room

The Pottery Barn Look We Were Going For -


 The Similar Look At Less Than 1/4th The Cost!

Click to enlarge photo for detail: 




To achieve this look I purchased a used set on KSL which consisted of a desk, chair, nightstand, and dresser for $70. The set was around 20-30 years old, dark wood stain, formica brown tops, and had been painted several coats of white paint on top of that which was dinged up and chipping. I stripped it, sanded it, and added new wood round knobs ($10) and farmhouse style bunn feet ($68.55) ( After preparing it for painting ($25 - Benjamin Moore Color color matched to Kilz at Wal-Mart) I sent it off here who refinished them all for $225.

Total cost for all 4 pieces: 398.55

Compared to Pottery Barn Set: $1866.00 -
Dresser - $799
Nightstand - $349
Desk - $599
Chair - $119

Friday, October 16, 2009

October Decorating Tip Of The Month!

Hanging Pictures

Before hanging a picture, photo, or wall art on the wall...trace the image size on paper, cut out, and tape to the spot you were thinking on the wall. Leave it there for a day or two to study and make sure that is where you want it before taking a nail and hammer to your dry wall. This will save you unnecessary patching jobs and allow you to know for sure that that is where you want it!


Master Bedroom


Thursday, September 17, 2009

September Decorating Tip Of The Month!

How To Measure Drapes and Curtains

Check this site out for the "how to": 


Rules for Measuring Drapes and Curtains

WIDTH –is always measured and expressed first
when ordering.
HEIGHT –is always measured and expressed second
when ordering.
B. -
Use a RETRACTABLE METAL TAPE MEASURE to ensure accuracy 
(ie: NEVER use a cloth tape measure or a yard stick)
C. -
NEVER measure the existing drape or window covering.
You WILL NOT get an accurate measure this way.