Friday, August 26, 2011

Another Thrift Store Light Fixture

  I have been admiring this chandelier from

 It costs $140; not terrible, but $3 sounds a lot better right?!

I thought so! So when I came across this light fixture below at our local Deseret Industries for $3 and thought it resembled it, I was ecstatic!  Worth the risk at that price!  I brought it home, cleaned it up, removed the glass, and tested it to see if it worked.

Originally, I was going to spray paint it oil rubbed bronze like the Overstock one above.  However, I ended up liking the brassy finish on it and decided to leave it as it was.

I LOVE it, it really adds ambiance to the space...and for $3 YOU CAN'T BEAT THAT!

Friday, August 19, 2011

Client Back Splash

Recently I helped a client pick out new tile for a back splash for their kitchen renovation.  They painted their cabinets white, and antiqued them with a pecan glaze.  They added beautiful granite counter tops, kitchen sink, faucet, and hardware.  They wanted to keep the back splash light but tie in the darker granite.

The Before:

The After:

Here is a closer up detail of the tile back splash:

The colored glass can get quite pricey; however, by adding it as an occasional accent piece it ties in other colors and keeps the cost down.

They did a fantastic job on this renovation, such a difference to how much it lightens and brightens the room!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Window Valance #1 Complete!

I have been admiring window valances and cornices for quite some time.  Here are a couple that really inspired me, 


I love how Classy Cutter added the wallpaper to the main board, check out their link above to see more pretty!

So, after reading their GREAT tutorials (check out both links for the "how to"), I borrowed my neighbors miter saw and got to work.  Learning to make the molding cuts was the trickiest part.  I  had so much fun I am now making a second valance for our guest room.

Here is the before photo of her window and room taken before the slight makeover -

And below is the new window valance and treatment:

 Her room was awfully bright in the mornings, and the 2 inch blinds just weren't keeping the room dark enough.  I ordered a black out roller shade instead from here which only set me back $35.  The roller shade is spring loaded and fits up nicely tucked under the new wood valance.  Additionally, I added a rod underneath as well and hung two sheers I got on clearance from Bed Bath & Beyond.  I was able to use two 20% off coupons on top of the clearance price bringing them from $24.99 each down to $9.99 a panel.  I love the cute polka dots on the sheers, they really break up all that white and match the polka dot quilted squares found in her bed spread.

I really like how it draws the eye up and adds more architectural interest towards the ceiling and doesn't stop where the wall paneling ends.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Clearance Garden Stool

I have been looking for a small side table for our basement family room.  I have even purchased and returned one that I liked but didn't fit the space. The area is a small walkway; however, we needed something to set a drink on.  I came across this ugly bad boy from Big Lots, it was on sale for $20...then an additional percent off for a clearance price bringing it to $14.  Not too bad when all the ones I have seen online cost around $100.

It needed some desperate TLC, which I thought for $14 would be worth the effort. 

I brought it home and found it was the perfect size to sit next to my couch, yet still gave plenty of clearance to walk through that area. (Except for my brother-in-law who stubbed his toe on it last week while visiting.  Hey, you know what they say 'beauty is pain right'?!)

I sprayed it...wait for it, wait for it, yeah you guessed correctly! None other than Rustoleum's "Heirloom White".  I was going to go for a fun color, but with how much I change things I thought this color could be useful in other rooms as well.
I will admit though, not all of my projects I choose this color for turn out like I want.  I did spray my daughter's new framed artwork in her room "Heirloom White" and I am not diggin it.  They look too yellow in her room.

I haven't decided what color to paint them.  Meanwhile, tomorrow I will show you the new window treatment in her room, it turned out great!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011


I guess the "I am getting too old for that" phase must be contagious. My 8 year old boy is now following in his older sister's footsteps of wanting his room changed as well.  One thing I have definitely learned along the way...don't decorate with a "theme" that your kids can outgrow. 

Here is my son's "dinosaur" room that is undergoing some changes:

The one thing I am glad I sprung for was Pottery Barn's general striped quilt and shams, changing accessories makes for a much cheaper redo. 

So in my quest to update and redo a few of his accessories, I came across the deal of the century...because that deal was FAAA...REEEEE!

I was able to score this lamp (minus the shade which I got at Target for $14.99) from originally $149.99, down to a flat $0!

Don't believe me?!  I even snagged a photo of the tag to prove it:

Yes, I know it says $39.99, but I got a gift card in the mail for $45 leaving me a little left over.

What makes it even sweeter, is he LOVES it...and that is all that matters :)

Monday, August 1, 2011

Ashton, ID & Yellowstone Trip

I know, I have been MIA...but I have a good excuse :)
We just returned home from a fabulous trip to Ashton, ID and Yellowstone, site seeing, hiking, and enjoying time with our family, neighbors and friends!

The cabin in Ashton, ID - 

Yellowstone -

Old Faithful - 

Mesa Falls - Ashton, ID - 

We were warned of a furry friend wondering the neighborhood we stayed in.  We found these two prints on one of our cars the last day we were there that have yet to be explained...


Now that I am back I can catch you up on what I was busy with BEFORE we left :)

August Decorating Tip Of The Month

Furniture Arrangement
When arranging furniture always make sure to keep plenty of space for traffic to flow through a room. Some rules to remember? Walkways should be 27” to 36” wide to allow people to pass through a space.  Coffee tables should be no more than 18” from a sofa or chair so people have enough room to sit but do not have to reach far for their beverage or personal items.  Furniture items that are side-by-side, such as a bed and a night stand, can be as little as 4” to 6” apart since you do not need to walk between them.
(tip from do's and don'ts of decorating at