Saturday, April 16, 2011

Before & After Vanity

 My two youngest daughters are very much "girly girls".  They LOVE anything pretty.  They had inherited my old furniture from when I was young and were ready for something a little smaller and "daintier" to make room for more play space. 

Here is what we ended up with - 

Before (only $30!!):

(I apologize for the bad photo, this was the online picture posted by the seller)


I covered the stool seat with 2 inch thick foam, batting, and then my fabric.  I stapled it to the bottom edge of the seat and added a pom pom trim around the edge.

 I got this cute dresser to go with it off 
of KSL (local site) for $120, I just love it!

I am thinking of adding this chevron print from into the room:

How cute is that?!

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