Wednesday, April 13, 2011

New Master Bedding & Bench

If you are new to reading my blog, you may have missed the Master Bedroom Redo here.  Since then, I have been wanting new bedding which was not new when I redid the room.  I also wanted to add more cream to the room, and more layers on my bed with a duvet comforter and coverlet.  

I found some “steal of a deals” that I just had to share!  The best part of the shopping trip (besides the final cost) was that my husband went with me and helped pick them out.  Can I just tell you I think he is major GOOD LUCK?!  

I am always coming home with stuff and thinking, “Gee, I really will have a lot of explaining to do of why I need these lamp shades when the ones we have work perfectly fine.”  What a great feeling it was to come home and have no explanation necessary on why I got what I did, what it was for, and/or how much it cost!  

So...I picked up my man for lunch, and asked him to come look at bedding with me.  Since all our kids were in school, and he was on his work lunch break, he happily obliged.  We headed over to a fabric store where I contemplated making my own duvet.  I couldn’t find a fabric for a price I just loved, so we popped over to Bed Bath & Beyond just down the street.  The clearance section there is PHENOMENAL.  We found an ivory duvet cover for $27 (originally $150)!  Next, we find a brown bed skirt for $6 (originally $50)!!  I couldn’t believe we just got both pieces for $33.  The bed skirt was a little too plain for my liking, so I purchased some cream grosgrain ribbon at Hobby Lobby when it was 50% off.  A little “stitch witchery” made it as easy as pie to attach.

Later I found the brown coverlet and shams online here at Walmart, it was only $50.

I found the bench on KSL (a Utah local version of Craigslist) for $20.

The ivory drum shades were from Target - $14 each.

The sheers were Bed Bath & Beyond, with 20% off coupons. 
Let me let you in on a little BBB secret if you don't already know.  Their coupons NEVER expire.  I know they say so on the coupon but they have told me they are always good.  Also, you can use more than one coupon in a transaction.  I purchased all three sheers in the same transaction with 3 different 20% off coupons. Cool huh?!
New bedding and foot bench for around $100?  Not bad if you ask me :0)

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