Wednesday, April 6, 2011

April Decorating Tip Of The Month

I know I am not alone when I walk by a framed photo or artwork on the wall, stop, walk back a couple steps, fix it "just a tad" so it isn't crooked, and continue on to where I am going I???

Well, I had to find a solution...and I did!! I found this great tip to be a lifesaver with my own OCD "levelness".

All you need are:

1.) Thumb tacks


2.) A hot glue gun!

After you measure and figure out where you want to hang your photo, glue on one tack in each of the bottom corners of the frame -

Hang your photo without pushing the tacks into the wall. Next, place your level above the photo -

Once it is level, push the the bottom of the frame placing the tacks into the wall. And....stand back and let those kids go crazy because those photos aren't going ANYWHERE!

Now, I can walk by the frames in my house and just keep walking. :0)

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