Monday, May 13, 2013

We've Moved!

I have been a very busy bee that last few months, and here is the biggest reason why...we moved!

I was casually throwing the idea around about taking advantage of the lower home prices and interest rates, while my husband was perfectly content where we were.  He supported my decision in looking; however, I think he briefly forgot who he was married to, because when I have something in mind...I can't stop until it is accomplished.  I found this house the morning he left for a business trip, looked at it the following day, and with his permission made an offer WHILE he was out of town, and WITHOUT him seeing it.  Yes, I was that confident this was where we were supposed to be.  

He came home from his trip, went through the house, agreed...and it became ours.  

The impression I received about this particular house was the strongest I have ever felt about a home.  Only further confirming that impression, everything fell into place. We were blessed to have rented our other home the day we listed it with several offers to choose from.  We chose an adorable family that plan on being there for three years.  

Now, 2 months after we closed,  we have repainted and re-carpeted the entire house, added more built-in bookshelves, and of course...more board and batten.  We will have to wait a bit to finish off the basement, and fix up the kitchen to what I envision...but I have plenty of other small projects in the meantime to keep me busy.

I look forward to showing you what we have done, and share with you everything else that I will do along the way as I make this house, "our home"!  


linda giordano said...

I remember driving by it on the way to the airport that very day you first saw it and I loved it immediately, and I have been so thrilled to see it become a reality for you and the family. I think it was "meant to be" and I can't wait to see the inside! And of course, all of you in it xoxo Mom

Anonymous said...

How Awesome! We have sold our home too and will be moving into a
ranch style home in another month. In the meantime we are living with the Shawn and Natalie!
Love you and miss you but it is fun to follow you thru your posts!