Tuesday, May 28, 2013

DIY Farmhouse Upholstered Headboard

The New Farmhouse Upholstered Headboard -

Here's how I did it!

Previously in our other house I had made this upholstered and tufted headboard for our guest bedroom - 

When we moved to our new house our daughter inherited a larger room, thus wanting the queen size bed.  However, the thick tan woven fabric didn't flow with the soft pastels and "cottage" feel we were going for in her room.  

Then I saw this headboard by Amy from The Idea Room that my daughter and I both loved!  She created the farmhouse look with molding around the headboard, then stenciled the inside.  

I wanted to copy that look, but use fabric and upholster the middle instead like the image below I found on Pinterest - 

(original source unknown)

I wanted to limit the extra supplies I had to purchase for the project, so I decided to use what I had and tore apart the original headboard.  I planned on reusing the large queen size cut plywood, thick foam, and batting.  Here is what I started with:

After removing all the tufting and gazillion staples, I was back at a starting point:

I first nailed a 7 inch MDF board across the top of the headboard -

Next, I added 3.5 inch MDF board vertically on the sides -

Then I added a 1.5 inch MDF board on the inside, framing the center with 45 degree cuts -

On the top, I also added a 1.5 MDF board to represent a slight shelf, and added quarter round molding underneath -

Over the seam connecting the 7 inch board from the bottom vertical pieces, I added a small decorative molding, which I mitered around the corners - 

Here is a closer picture of all the molding up close (as well as all my filled in unsanded holes :)

After caulking, puttying, sanding, and painting...it was time to move on to the upholstered middle.

Taking the batting and foam from the previous headboard, I laid the batting down on the floor and placed the foam on top:

Then I purchased a very thin hardy board material that I had Home Depot cut to fit the inside measurements of my head board.  I placed it on top and stapled the batting around the edges, sandwiching the foam in the middle - 

As you can see, my pictures here get scarce :/
I get so into a project I forget to continue taking pictures.  Anyway, after stapling the batting to the board, I repeat by doing the same with the fabric.  After completed, I attached the upholstered board onto the headboard from the back with wood screws -

I felt like the space between the fabric and the wood seemed "unfinished", so I framed it out with another small decorative molding -

Hanging it with D hooks onto studs behind my daughter's bed, it is now complete!  

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