Monday, February 25, 2013

Building American Girl Doll Accessories

I know, it has been MONTHS since I last posted anything; however, I promise my lack of posts wasn't any indication of lack of projects. I have defiantly missed posting and plan on being more regular. 
 Lots of changes around our home...we are moving! We are about to close on another home about 1/2 a mile from our current house. We are very excited, and I am looking forward to making it "our's". I would say, "let the projects begin!", but that wouldn't be quite accurate with me since they never stopped. ;)

Knowing that we will be moving this next month, I decided to get a couple projects completed early for two of my girls who have March and April birthdays.  Both of them are really into American Girl dolls right now, and each will be getting one for their birthdays.  

When I was browsing the internet, I came across Ana White's blog that has plans and pictures of furniture made to fit the AG dolls or any 18 inch dolls!  Both my girl's immediately picked out what they wanted me to build: my 5 year old wanted the Camp Style Bunk Bed,  and my 7 year old wanted the Horse Stable.  I quickly got to work buying, cutting, and constructing both the bunk beds and the stable, and then making matching quilts, pillows, and pillow cases.  It was defiantly a lot more time than I imagined, but I don't regret a single second!  Of course there was no way to hide it from either of them, but they are anxious for their birthdays to arrive so they can finally have them to play with!

Camp Style Bunk Beds - 

Horse Barn - 

Happy early birthday to two of my babies!

*update* - you can see the newest stable and bed I made here.


jelly andrews said...

Whoa! These are really cute. You really did a good job. Happy birthday (in advance) to your beautiful daughters!

Linda Giordano said...

Amazing work Trisha! I'm your #1 fan and this entry in your blog is very special. I love my girls!!! xo Mom

mae anderson said...

Oh my! These are really amazing. I really love these ideas especially the horse barn. I am giving you two thumbs up for a job well done.

denise johnson said...

I am in love with your horse barn. It looks so great. I guess you are really blessed with a talent of making beautiful stuffs.