Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Building An In The Wall Ironing Board - Part 1: Creating The Ironing Board Box

Since I have been organizing and building cabinets in my laundry room, my husband suggested we get an ironing board that attaches to the wall.  I searched and was amazed at how EXPENSIVE those could get, especially the in the wall ironing board units.  

Here are a few that I found:

Home Depot - $169

 Sears - $399 sale (reg $572...r they crazy???)

AJ Madison Appliance - $333 (doesn't include a door either!)

I decided I could build one for MUCH less!  Mine ended up costing about $50 and was much more attractive.  :)

Here is how I did it -

I found this over the door ironing board for $16.47 from Walmart here:

I measured the entire ironing board system and used leftover 1/2 inch mdf from my laundry cabinets to cut the following pieces:

The large back piece is 18" x 49", the sides are 49" x 3", and the top and bottom pieces are 19" x 3".

I used wood glue and 3/4 inch brad nails to put it together:

Now that I have a 19" x 50" box that is complete, I need to cut out the wall to insert it.  Stay tuned for Part 2 and I will show you how I did that!

**update - you can find part 2 here and part 3 here.

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