Thursday, August 18, 2011

Window Valance #1 Complete!

I have been admiring window valances and cornices for quite some time.  Here are a couple that really inspired me, 


I love how Classy Cutter added the wallpaper to the main board, check out their link above to see more pretty!

So, after reading their GREAT tutorials (check out both links for the "how to"), I borrowed my neighbors miter saw and got to work.  Learning to make the molding cuts was the trickiest part.  I  had so much fun I am now making a second valance for our guest room.

Here is the before photo of her window and room taken before the slight makeover -

And below is the new window valance and treatment:

 Her room was awfully bright in the mornings, and the 2 inch blinds just weren't keeping the room dark enough.  I ordered a black out roller shade instead from here which only set me back $35.  The roller shade is spring loaded and fits up nicely tucked under the new wood valance.  Additionally, I added a rod underneath as well and hung two sheers I got on clearance from Bed Bath & Beyond.  I was able to use two 20% off coupons on top of the clearance price bringing them from $24.99 each down to $9.99 a panel.  I love the cute polka dots on the sheers, they really break up all that white and match the polka dot quilted squares found in her bed spread.

I really like how it draws the eye up and adds more architectural interest towards the ceiling and doesn't stop where the wall paneling ends.


Seth said...

It looks fantastic with that light chandelier, and adds another touch of class.

Debbie-- said...

It looks great!

southerninspiration said...

Oh, I LOVE it!!

Jane said...

Love it! It looks perfect with the drapes and chandelier.

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Upscale Downhome said...

Looks amazing! I'm impressed with your use of power tools!

Classy Clutter said...

We're so thrilled that you liked our tutorial! We'll be featuring you on Saturday!!

Mallory & Savannah

Jen said...

Looks great! Good for you and using the miter saw. Makes me want to go out and buy one :)