Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Clearance Garden Stool

I have been looking for a small side table for our basement family room.  I have even purchased and returned one that I liked but didn't fit the space. The area is a small walkway; however, we needed something to set a drink on.  I came across this ugly bad boy from Big Lots, it was on sale for $20...then an additional percent off for a clearance price bringing it to $14.  Not too bad when all the ones I have seen online cost around $100.

It needed some desperate TLC, which I thought for $14 would be worth the effort. 

I brought it home and found it was the perfect size to sit next to my couch, yet still gave plenty of clearance to walk through that area. (Except for my brother-in-law who stubbed his toe on it last week while visiting.  Hey, you know what they say 'beauty is pain right'?!)

I sprayed it...wait for it, wait for it, yeah you guessed correctly! None other than Rustoleum's "Heirloom White".  I was going to go for a fun color, but with how much I change things I thought this color could be useful in other rooms as well.
I will admit though, not all of my projects I choose this color for turn out like I want.  I did spray my daughter's new framed artwork in her room "Heirloom White" and I am not diggin it.  They look too yellow in her room.

I haven't decided what color to paint them.  Meanwhile, tomorrow I will show you the new window treatment in her room, it turned out great!


Seth said...

That is a great price for a side table! It looks good there :-)

Trish Atkinson said...

Thanks Seth! xoxo

Jen said...

Great deal on the side table! Even at discount stores (Ross/Marshalls) those stools are $50. Works perfect as a side table :)

Rust-Oleum Scott said...

Trish, what an outstanding project. It looks amazing! Great job and thank you so much for using Rust-Oleum.