Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Finishing the Basement

When we moved into our home last March, we quickly realized that while gaining square footage, we lost a number of rooms with the basement being unfinished compared to our previous home's finished basement.  Anxious to have a guest room and another family room for the kids to entertain friends in again, we have finally gotten our ducks in a row to make that happen.  

I played General Contractor on the previous home basement renovation, so I felt a lot more confident doing it a second time around.  

4 way and insulation - Check!  Drywall starts next week...

Family Room:

 (don't mind my elyptical hanging out in the middle of the room) :)

 Mini Kitchen/Dining area - 

Dining Area/Walkout to outdoor patio -


Bedroom 1: Guest Room

Bedroom 2: Exercise Room

 Of course the pillow fabrics, drapes, light fixtures, couches, etc. were picked out wayyyy before necessary. ;)  Can't wait to show you what those are!

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pamelia macy said...

Nice post to read....!!!!
One by one image was making my idea more and more clear...!!
Great Finished Basement Work...!!
Waiting for the final touched basement...!!!