Saturday, April 5, 2014

Basement Kitchen Inspirations and Final Picks

It has been years since I could start from scratch on designing my own kitchen.  For the past year I have been contemplating ideas and what I wanted for our basement kitchenette.  It will only have a sink, mini fridge, and a microwave; however, I really wanted lots of counter space and an island for entertaining purposes. 

Here are a few kitchens where I drew my inspirations from:

I Love the dark pendants and bar stools in contrast to all the white- 

Crazy about the granite countertops - 

I love this open shelving, the mix of dark stained wood with the white cabinets, wall sconce over the sink, and the horizontal paneling -

Again, love the mixture of dark wood with white -

 After narrowing down the details of things I loved about each of these above photos, I put together my kitchen plan.

Prepare for a lot of visualizing :)

Here is the wall that my kitchenette will be going on:

I chose Rob Terry Cabinets to complete the job, and below is the drawing they rendered for me -

The cabinets will be white, the floating shelves a dark stained wood, and a wall sconce will go in the space directly above the sink.  A 3x5 island will float adjacent.

Below is another project done by Rob Terry that has the same shaker cabinet door style and crown that I chose for my project.

Below are the final picks for the space-

Farmhouse sink:


(Wall Sconce above sink, I chose a weathered rust finish instead of the aged steel shown below)

(Island pendants - Just found and brought these back from Chartreuse on a recent trip to Maryland)

Cabinet Hardware:

 (cabinet knobs)

(cabinet pulls)

Sink Faucet:


 (A brown/gray hard wood tile)

(will be laid with an offset pattern)

Counter tops:
I never realized how different granite varies.  I thought if you picked a sample, that would be what your counter tops looked like.  I didn't realize how many color variations can occur within one specific name, or how different blocks of the stone have such varied slabs.
Five hours later, I found an available slab from the block I loved the color of. It is a soft white background, with gray and brown flecks and veins.  I LOVE it and can't stop staring at it. :)

(below is the granite River White slab that I chose, a piece of my floor is leaning up against it)

 (a close-up of the River White Granite)

If you are in the market for granite counter tops and live in the area, Creative Granite & Design is fantastic!

Only about another month and I can show you pictures with all of these put together!

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