Friday, November 4, 2011

Storage Ottoman - Building The Box - Part 1

 I needed something to store blankets in our basement in, and plan on putting this storage ottoman behind our couch to hold them.  The backs of the couch that the bench will be against both recline.  I knew that because of that I couldn't make my bench more than 20 inches high.

 To make this storage ottoman I started with the tufted bench cushion dimensions.

I know, I know, you guys are probably thinking..."What in the world is this crazy girl doing, didn't she just have back surgery a month ago?"  BUT, I had my dear sweet hubby come to the store with me, load and unload all my wood from the store to my garage, so all I had to do was saw and hammer. (which was all within my weight limitations, kinda ;).

I started by cutting the long sides of my box first.  I wanted the front piece to extend along the entire front.

Then I cut my side pieces to fit in between my two front pieces.

Then hammered them together with 1 1/2 inch nails.

I cut pieces going along the width of the box because I was using a miter saw and couldn't cut pieces long enough length wise.

I cut the pieces to fit until it was all closed up.

Now I had a finished box!

Next, add your bun feet.  I simply drilled a hole slightly smaller than the screw that came on my bun feet and screwed in the feet. have a storage box with feet!

Tomorrow Part 2 will show you how I finished it off!


Jen said...

What a great way to build a bench! It looks sturdy enough that the little ones won't break it :) have a great weekend!

JenSam said...

How do you make bun feet? Or where do you buy them? Thanks!