Tuesday, November 1, 2011

November Decorating Tip Of The Month

How To Make a Roman Shade - 

This site is great and has a "Hardware Calculator" that allows making your own Roman Shades so much simpler.  All you need to do is plug in the dimensions you want your finished product to be, answer a few simple questions regarding the shade you desire, and it provides all the necessary information you need to make it.  The site also contains instructions, FAQs, and variations of styles to help you prior and also along the way. 
Here is one I made using this site and their "Hardware Calculator":

Hope you give it a try!


donna leite said...

i have been looking all over for directions to make this type of curtain...going in my kitchen and back door. Im sorry but I didnt see the link information. Could you give me that information. Thanks and say hi to your mom for me.

Trish Atkinson said...

I linked it to the word "site" in my post. If not working, please let me know.

here it is:


Good luck and please send me a photo of the finished project!!