Wednesday, January 29, 2014

New Desk

Can I just start out by saying that we have some of the best neighbors ever?!

We do.  Meet Rhett, Emily, and Gus Gus. 

My kids love to go over to their house and come home with a treat or pocket full of candy, visit with them, watch Emily cook, go to "Rhett's Ranch", and constantly ring their doorbell to walk or play with their dog Gus.  They are the kind of friends/neighbors that drive 30 minutes to sit in a 1 1/2 hr dance recital just to support your daughter, and then drive around trying to find a place open late enough for ice cream. ;) 

They even give away nice furniture...

LOVE this new, completely SOLID desk they gave us.  

You can see our previous one fit perfect in the loft of our other house:

Unfortunately, when we moved it ended up being too small for the new space...but last on our priorities to replace. - 

Now, the new desk fills the space much better, and has more room to store things (and more junk :).

We have been blessed to have lived around so many wonderful people, and are incredibly grateful for those that make living in this neighborhood and community so amazing.  Thanks Rhett & Emily, we love it!!!

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