Monday, June 4, 2012

DIY Printer/Hard Drive Storage Stand Tutorial

The new DIY Printer/Hard Drive Storage Stand - 

Here's how I did it -

After I put our bookcases in our loft, I realized our printer wouldn't fit on the 11 inch deep shelves.  The only space that it would fit would be to the left of my desk; however my desktop hard drive and speaker were already there.  Most end tables were too tall, too wide, not wide enough, etc, etc.  I decided to make my own little storage table that could house all of it, that way I could customize it to the dimensions I needed.  

My friend gave me her left over mdf from another project that gave me plenty of wood to create my own...FREE wood is always the BEST! - 

I used the same concept on how I created the diy custom cabinets in my laundry room.  I wanted to create a box that could hold my speaker and hard drive inside and wide enough to house my printer on top.  

I started by cutting the mdf with a jigsaw into 2 18"x19" pieces for the top and bottom, and 2 18"x16" pieces for the sides - 

 I glued the pieces together with wood glue and nailed them together using brad nails. 

Next I added corner molding by framing out the front of the box, and adding it to the sides towards the back -

I wanted to add bun feet to it but didn't want to spend a fortune.  I found these at Home Depot which were around $3 a piece - 

I loved the price, but they were a little too tall at 6 inches for this particular project, so I cut them down with a miter saw to 3 inches instead - 

I pre-drilled holes underneath into the mdf and put wood glue on the base of the bun foot and screwed them in (be careful when pre-drilling not to drill through the wood, it can be a little tricky with 1/2 inch thick mdf) -

After calking, priming, and painting I had this - 

 It fits everything I needed to store it in perfectly, and adds a nice attractive touch to the space!

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turuncu oda said...

a very successful project, the hands of health:))

Laurel said...

This is exactly what I've been looking for to house my new wifi printer that takes up too much of my desk space. Has it held up? I wonder if they can cut the pieces for me at lowes or home depot. Thank you for posting this- it's definitely more doable than I would have thought.

Trish Atkinson said...

Yes, it has held up great! Home Depot and Lowes will cut the pieces for you.