Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Recovered Sofa

Change with me is inevitable.  After searching, studying, and designing for others, I am always getting new ideas for my home as well.  Which brings me to my latest project, my living room.  

Since I enjoy changing things up so much, I thought the plan to alter my sofa was a wise investment.  Having a neutral sofa allows for you to change the colors and fabrics of a room much easier.  Not to mention I really didn't enjoy our micro fiber couch, the fabric always looked dirty.

I found a fabric I love at a local fabric store for only $6.99 a yard!  It is an upholstery fabric that is very similar to chenille; however, it has both light and dark threads in it that compliment the leather frame.   Total cost to recover my couch, $130...AND a lot of time and sewing. :)

Sofa before:

Sofa after:
Here is a close-up of the fabric:
I can't wait to get going on the rest of the room!

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