Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Office Space/Loft

We have a small loft area just off of the stairs on the upper floor of our house. It made a great "office" area for our family since we felt it was crucial that our computer be out in the open for our children, and all our 5 bedrooms were already spoken for. I really wanted to do built in bookcases; sadly, they are quite expensive. They will be added to my list of "someday" projects. In the meantime I found these ladder bookshelves at Shopko for $50 each!
The bookshelves were originally black, along with the Pier One Imports writing desk that I picked up.  I painted them an antique white, and offset them with dark brown d├ęcor and warm tones.

I found both the paisley and lattice patterned fabrics at Hobby Lobby and created the Roman Shade and pillows that you see.

Originally, as seen in the “before” picture below I had long drapes on this single window.  I am so glad that I created the roman shade, it lets in so much more light into the space!

 Here is a fantastic Roman Shade tutorial link that I used to instruct me on how to make my shade : There is a calculator on there to determine everything you need to know and have to make it!

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