Friday, November 20, 2009

Girls Room

The Pottery Barn Look We Were Going For -


 The Similar Look At Less Than 1/4th The Cost!

Click to enlarge photo for detail: 




To achieve this look I purchased a used set on KSL which consisted of a desk, chair, nightstand, and dresser for $70. The set was around 20-30 years old, dark wood stain, formica brown tops, and had been painted several coats of white paint on top of that which was dinged up and chipping. I stripped it, sanded it, and added new wood round knobs ($10) and farmhouse style bunn feet ($68.55) ( After preparing it for painting ($25 - Benjamin Moore Color color matched to Kilz at Wal-Mart) I sent it off here who refinished them all for $225.

Total cost for all 4 pieces: 398.55

Compared to Pottery Barn Set: $1866.00 -
Dresser - $799
Nightstand - $349
Desk - $599
Chair - $119

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