Saturday, November 5, 2011

Storage Ottoman - Finishing Touches - Part 2

If you missed the "how to" build this storage ottoman below, you can find that tutorial here -

Now that I had a finished box, I needed to make it pretty!

I started out by setting my nails in deeper with a nail setter, and filled in all holes, and cracks with Minwax's Stainable Wood Filler -
Then sand, sand, SAND!

I chose Minwax's 'Provincial 211' as the color to stain it.

For those of you who haven't stained before, it is incredibly easy.  Simply dip a clean cloth in stain, wipe and rub into wood in the direction of the grain.  Make sure you apply it evenly and that no stain drips are left unattended.  Continue applying until you reach your desired darkness. (directions recommend sanding in between; however, that is a step I usually skip.)  
I completed the process by spraying a polyurethane top coat in gloss.  I like to use the spray can version to get even coverage and avoid brush strokes.

Next was applying my previously broken bench top:

I decided to use hinges because I knew my kids would never replace the lid after retrieving/returning a blanket back to the ottoman.

After many failed attempts of trying to hold the lid, hinges, and box in place while drilling the screws in by dear friend came over to help hold everything while I drilled!  What a lifesaver!


We have our selves a very functional, beautiful storage box to hold our blankets in our family room!

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donna leite said...

i like it better this way then the orignal...Very nice job.

Jen said...

It turned out the storage too!